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HSUMC Emmaus Community

he Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. Emmaus leaders encourage participants to meet regularly in small groups after they have completed their Walk.These "reunion" groups challenge and support one another in faithful living. By participating in reunion groups, Christian people strengthen and renew themselves and each other as disciples of Jesus Christ and as active members of the body of Christ in mission to the world

Holmes Street UMC hosts the meetings of four Emmaus reunion groups that were formed as members of HSUMC completed their own Emmaus Walks. Light Shine is a group of eight ladies who meet on Wednesdays at 4 PM. They maintain a prayer list and especially pray for each other and Holmes Street UMC.  They have also provided meals for those in need. Open Arms is a group of ladies who meet on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM.  The group's name reflects a common characteristic among the founding members - they have all had grown children or other relatives move in and out of their homes on occasion.  They provide love and support for each other and pray for our church. Blades of Grass (based on the theme that every blade of grass is an evangelist) is a men's prayer group which meets on Wednesday evenings.  Solid Rock, another small group of men, meets at 11:30 AM on Wednesday in the youth room. The newest reunion group is several ladies who meet at a restaurant once a month, share their lives with each other and enjoy a meal together.
The Walk to Emmaus program is available around the world through the Upper Room, a ministry of the United Methodist Church. For more information about the Walk to Emmaus program, contact the church office.