Church History

In September 1905, a group of 35 Christians saw the need for a Methodist church on the east side of Huntsville. From this movement grew the Holmes Street Methodist Episcopal Church South. At the Annual Conference that same year, the Reverend K.N. Matthews was assigned to Holmes Street Church as pastor.  The church was officially organized on February 4, 1906.

Early in 1906, the church building was moved with two horses to its first Holmes Street address.  By 1908 the church membership had grown to more than 300 and the church officially adopted the name Holmes Street Church.

The church became known as the "movingest church in town" when it relocated again in 1909. This move, however, was a much shorter distance then before (just across the street) and allowed the church to keep a Holmes Street address making a name change unecessary.

Years later, when the city changed the name of Holmes Street (the road)  to Holmes Avenue, the church opted to keep its original name adopted in 1908. The curiousity of Holmes Street United Methodist Church being located on Holmes Avenue has since befuddled many!

Although the church would not move again, it did build an education building in 1958 and a new sanctuary in 1967. Eventually, church offices and a meeting hall took residence in the old sanctuary while Sunday school classes, bible study groups and youth programs got much needed space and resources from the new education building. The flurry of new construction reflects the growth and commitment Holmes Street Church experienced during these times.

The original education building was demolished in fall of 2012 and contruction began for a new building with ground level access, children's classrooms, and a large great room ideal for the contemporary worship service started several years earlier.   In September 2013 the new education building was completed.

Over the years Holmes Street United Methodist Church has been blessed with good leadership and a supporting, warm and caring congregation. In 1970, the church stated an overarching goal of  "Striving to be more like Christ". Today still, we embrace this philosophy in everything we do.


Holmes Street United Methodist Church Pastors

Rev. K. N. Matthews 1906-1908
Rev. J. C. Bowen 1908-1909
Rev. Wheeler 1909-1910
Rev. H. M. Stevenson 1910-1911
Rev. W. W. Dorman 1911-1915
Rev. H. W. Rickey 1915-1917
Rev. W. W. Heflin 1917-1921
Rev. I. T. Carlton 1921-1925
Rev. C. E. Herrin 1925-1929

Rev. W. D. Barnes 1929-1933
Rev. W. T. Holdridge 1933-1937
Rev. T. J. Chitwood 1937-1941
Rev. McRoy Gutherie 1941-1943
Rev. Charles T. Farrell 1943-1944
Rev. H. P. Williams 1944-1948
Rev. V. H. Hawkins 1948-1952
Rev. M. E. Coleman 1952-1958
Rev. N. E. Austin 1958-1963

Rev. B. O. Friday 1963-1967
Rev. R. H. Miles, Jr. 1967-1969
Rev. E. Bert Goodwin 1969-1970
Rev. Elbert Butterly 1970-1972
Rev. Burl Oliver 1972-1974
Rev. V. Pete Furio, Jr. 1974-1979
Rev. Henry J. Segars 1979-1981
Rev. Clifford H. Winefordner 1981-1983
Rev. Herb Williamson 1983-1989

Rev. Travis Warlick 1989-1991
Rev. Dalton Styes 1991-2000
Rev. Zeno Haselden 2000-2003
Rev. Ira Laney 2003 – 2006
Rev. Kelly Clem 2006 – 2014
Rev. Todd Owen 2014 - 2020
Rev. Jonathan Todd   2020-2023
Rev. Miriam Smith 2023-present