Miracle House

"Miracle House" Construction Project

A woman living in the Ryland area was providing a home for and caring for a totally bedridden brother, another disabled brother, her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson all in a tiny home that was literally falling apart.  She could not afford other housing and when contruction experts inspected the home, they declared that the house was beyond repair.

With Holmes Street already committed to building a new education building, church member Austin Miller closed his presentation of this need and proposed project to the Holmes Street Church Council with this statement: " It will take a miracle to pull this off!"

And through the grace of God and not just one but a series of "mini-miracles", this project has become a reality.  The family's neighbors and several churches in the Ryland area joined in the effort.  Money was raised, materials and labor were donated, and construction is now complete on the home.  View a "fast-paced" video of construction of the miracle house!