Adult Sunday School Classes

The Adult Sunday School program is alive and well at Holmes Street!   Although there are many other wonderful small group opportunities, Sunday School continues to be a draw for many members.  And with good reason!  Sound scriptural study at a convenient, stable time, with built-in child care (children's Sunday School) and fellowship activities - its a time-honored but still very relevant avenue for growth in their faith journey for many members. 

ABC Exodus Sunday School Class

Using the International Sunday School Series as their core curiculum, the ABC/Exodus class is a comfortable forum for its members to have lively and honest discussions about their faith.
Formed in 1968 during a period of rapid church growth, the class was dubbed the "Exodus" class when they left the security of what was then a huge Genesian class to make a fesh start as a new group. Then in 1982 the ABC (Alpha Bible Class) merged with the Exodus class to become what is know today as the ABC Exodus class.
In addition to meeting each Sunday morning for lessons and discussions led by Al Temple, each year the group selects 12 worthy beneficiaries and every month donates much needed money to one.  Many times the generosity is such that the class has enough money to give to organizations that were not selected as one of the twelve.

Anyone interested in visiting this Sunday class can find them their classroom in the Sanctuary ground floor.


Agape Sunday School Class

For over thirty years, the Agape Sunday school class has been living the meaning behind their class name. Examples of Christian love, self sacrificing and charitable, are part of the class’s history at HSUMC. On Sundays, members share teaching responsibilities of the various lessons derived from formal learning series, current book and videos. Of course, everyone is invited to visit on any Sunday and join the Agape class.  Outside of Sunday classes, the group meets for socials including plays, wiener roasts, work parties, grandparent showers, and going out to eat together (see photos below). Class projects have included help for a family at Christmas, financial help with utility bills for needy, cookout for youth, painting elementary classrooms and scrubbing the kitchen!   The class has also started a tradition of "flash mobs" - presenting messages of encouragement using giant flashcards (see photos below). If you want to visit the Agape class you can find them in the classroom hall below the Sanctuary. 

Focus Sunday School Class

An all inclusive, mission-minded group not based on age or life stage, the Founder's Hall Sunday School class originated as a short-term study group.  After the study concluded, the members agreed to become a Sunday School class that began meeting in Founder's Hall and moved to the sanctuary basement.
Lesson are usually lead by class members alternating weekly.  Lesson series are varied reflecting the member's current interests and needs.  Recent studies include Adam Hamilton's What it Means to be United Methodist, William Barclay's The Acts of the Apostles, and Ray Vanderlaan's God Heard their Cry.  The class has also studied books such as The Shack by William P. Young and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.
Missions and service projects are an important part of this group.  Recent projects include:
►Preparing a bedroom and bathroom for the New Directions House
►Sending care packages to Holmes Street college students
►Sponsoring a cookout with musical entertainment to raise mony for the building fund
►Providing breakfast for the First Stop ministry
►Refurbishing their classroom with new chairs, fresh paint, and other decoration items
►Sponsoring families at Christmas
Fun and fellowship events are also held periodically. 

Open Door

Holmes Street's newest adult Sunday School Class is electic mix of people of all ages and all stages in life. Ranging from college students to great-grandmothers (and everything in between!), class "lessons" include a lot of discussion with no topics or questions off-limit.  Unlike the Founder's Hall class, this class actually DOES meet in Founder's Hall directly after the Next Step service.   As their name implies, this class welcomes anyone to join their group.






Trinity Sunday School Class

Although their class name is relatively new, the Trinity class has a rich Holmes Street heritage.   The class is a combination of four classes, three of which have been a part of Holmes Street for more than five decades: the Genesian class, the Keystone class, the Adult Fellowship Class, and the Good Samaritan class.
On Sundays, the class uses the International Bible Series.  Their lessons combine lectures and discussion and are taught by five teachers who rotate each week.   Additionally, their class sponsors missions projects ranging from a fresh water project for a family in Haiti to supporting the Methodist's Children's Home.